Linux Server Management Services

Linux Server Management Services

Linux Firm Linux provides support to meet your needs for designing, implementing and maintaining Linux systems, and with strong ties to the Linux Open Source development community, Linux Firm has clearly recognized as the Linux server maintenance leader.

We are a One Stop Source for all Open Source Needs for any Organization. We provide cost-effective business ready solutions on services and subscription model using Linux and Open Source. Whether your servers are hosted by third parties or are located in your office, whether you require contracted unlimited support services or hourly support services, you’ll receive exceptional server support at all times.


When it comes to Linux servers, the situation is no different: simply put, the only certain way of maintaining uptime, preserving system security and ensuring service availability is to utilize a server management solution. Our technical services are provided over a range of nix-based platforms, including most common variants of Linux (such as Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and others), as well as FreeBSD.

We invite you to explore the specifics on the services we offer; for your convenience, they are summarized below. Nonetheless, should you have any question about any aspect of our products, support, services or maintenance, please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to promptly answer your inquiry.


Best Linux Technical Support in India

24 x 7 Monitoring of your Linux Systems

Installation and Configuration Linux Systems

Software and Hardware Fault Diagnosis

Linux Server Virtualization based on Xen or KVM

Integration of Linux into your Active Directory







IT Monteur Server management service is the proactively maintenance of a servers. Many company have one or more server from data center, where most data center do not provide managed service, even if the data center provide the managed services, that include only few tasks, in most case data center takes responsibility to provide the server hardware, network and OS.

For running any web application on the server, it required to setup the web server software like apache, IIS, data base software like mysql, ms sql, configure php,

when the server runs 24 x 7 to service the web application, it required day to day maintenance. we manage the server proactively to run the services and take responsibility for backup and restore your application in case any disaster

S S S(Server Setup and Services) in Delhi – India



1.Initial server setup
2.Control panel installation and configuration
3.Firewall installation and configuration
4.Software and script installation and configuration
5.Anti-spam and anti-virus installation
6.Mail server setup
7.MySQL server setup
8.DNS setup and configuration

A S M S(Application Server Management Services )in Delhi – India


1.Magneto E-commerce Platform Setup, Configuration, and Management
2.Joomla CMS Setup, Configuration, and Management
3.Wordpress CMS Setup, Configuration, and Management
4.Microsoft Share Point Server Setup, Configuration and Management
5.Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Setup, Configuration and Management
6.Java Tomcat Server Setup, Configuration and Management
7.MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle Database Server Setup, Configuration and Management
8.Microsoft MS Exchange Server Setup, Configuration and Management

S M M S(Server Management and Monitoring Services) in Delhi – India


With today’s multi-vendor IT environments, administrators need a server monitoring services that works out–of–the–box over multiple technologies and platforms, be it Windows or Linux, Solaris, Unix, VMware, AIX, HP–UX etc.. Our Monitoring Service provides a single, comprehensive console for your server monitoring needs by using SNMP, WMI, CLI, and Telnet⁄SSH to monitor your server infrastructure regardless of device type or make.

L S A (Linux Server Administration) OR Linux Server Management Services in Delhi – India



On Linux server we manage Apache, MySQL, DNS without any control panel, we also manage all type of Linux control panel, like Webmin, Virtualmin, cPanel, direct admin.


We have extensive expertise in Managing all type of Web Hosting Control panel which supports both Windows & Linux server.

S S M S(Server Security Management Services) in Delhi – India


Please keep in mind Server Management, monitoring and its security is a way of life and a lifestyle. It is a set of procedures and policies that must be malleable, and yet followed consistently.


There is no such thing as a one-time hardening just like there is no such thing as a one-time anti-virus install. As new threats or attacks arise, it’s important that you never allow yourself to feel too safe or too secure, always check things out, always be open to learning new security philosophies, and always be on the lookout for suspicious activity on your machines. for more details check out our server security management services.

C I M S(Cloud Infrastructure Management Service ) in Delhi – India


Amazon Web Services Cloud Infrastructure Setup, Configuration & Management
VMWare Cloud Infrastructure Setup, Configuration & Management
Parallels Virtuozzo Cloud Infrastructure Setup, Configuration & Management
Citrix Xen Server Cloud Infrastructure Setup, Configuration & Management
Microsoft Hyper-V Server Cloud Infrastructure Setup, Configuration & Management

For more information about our Server Management, Linux Server Management, Cpanel Control Panel Server Management, Plesk Control Panel Server Management, Windows Server Management, Mail Server Management, Web Server Management, Database Server Management, IT Infrastructure Management services, please contact us for Server Management and Server Monitoring. We will be glad to assist you in meeting all your IT Service requirements.

Linux Server Management/Administration/Support Services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Kolkota, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, India, as well as USA, UK, UAE, Dubai, all over world

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