Linux Firm offers you a complete range of Linux services and support solutions in India, from simple server installations to highly complex application based support.

Based out of Delhi NCR, we provide support to customers internationally, as well as to the Domestic Market in India.

If you are looking for license-free, fully-customizable, powerful, hardware-independent, virus/spyware free, and robust Operating System, LINUX is what you need.

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Why Choose Linux Firm

Years of experience with Open Source which is unparalleled in the industry. We have got more than 10 years of experience in supporting Linux and other Open Source products.
On demand people with specialized skills available.
High quality of customer satisfaction.
Support level agreement.
Quick response time as we provide dedicated support engineers on a per client basis.

Our Levels of Support:
Benefits Standard Premium
Terms of Service 1 year 1 year
Hours of Access 9*5 24*7
Number of Services Request Unlimited Unlimited
0Service Request Registration Phone for Severity 1 & Online for all others Phone for Severity 1 & Online for all others
Response Time 4 hours 1 hour Severity 1, 4 hours Severity 2 or 3
Working with the Support Engineer Email, Chat and Phone Email, Chat and Phone
Access to Patches & Fixes Yes Yes
On-demand First Look Training Yes Yes
Linux Severity Levels

The Criticality Levels and Response Times for Linux Firm to react to on ongoing Linux Support with a client.

Severity Levels Defined
Severity 1

System crash creating total loss of service.
Unable to use any part of the software.
Use of software is impacted so heavily that work cannot continue.
System data is corrupted.
SLA breach of Severity 2 and Severity 3 issues.

Severity 2

Some important features which are critical are effected.
Use of software is seriously hampered.
A minor loss of service.
Severity 3 request unattended during time defined in SLA.

Severity 3

A request of information.
A feature enhancement request.
Documentation clarification regarding software.
There is no impact on software functioning.

How much we charge?

Please be patient while waiting for response. (24/7 Support!)

Phone General Inquiries: +91 120 2631048

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