It is a open source relational database management System. Our user friendly support professionals are available 24*7 online to ensure that your MySQL installation is running optimally.

Our support professional will help you to

  • Increase your uptime
  • Be more productive
  • Implement resolutions to perform faster

Our support team is available 24×7 to provide support for MySQL and Version of MySQL

MySQL Consultancy

Our MySQL expert consultant can help you in critical MySQL deployments like

  • Architecture and design
  • Performance tuning
  • Back-up and recovery
  • Migration
  • High availability
  • Clustering

MySQL Performance Tuning

Our MySQL experts can do Performance Tuning with MySQL and MariaDB to

  • Diagnose existing performance problems
  • Improved database performance and resource management
  • Identify unknown performance problems
  • Configure, optimize and analyze storage engines
  • Review your operating environment and application infrastructure

MySQL Architecture & Design

Our MySQL experts can help you designing:

  • Online applications
  • Data warehousing, analytical reporting solutions
  • Data collection and auditing methods
  • Data search approaches
  • Large data stores
  • Data modelling and design
  • High availability architectures
  • Load balancing architectures

MySQL High Availability

  • MySQL high availability (HA) ensures that your MySQL database can survive a disaster and recover quickly without losing data. It also means that your MySQL-based application will meet your minimum performance requirements in normal operation.
  • Our expert team can help you analyze your business and application requirements and deploy a highly available MySQL solution for you in less than three days, be it onsite or remote.
  • Our consultants also work with MariaDB Server.
  • We use these technologies for MySQL High Availability:
    • MySQL Replication
    • Semi-sync Replication
    • MariaDB Galera Cluster
    • Galera Cluster
    • Master HA Tool with Multi-Tier Replication
    • MySQL Cluster
    • Linux Shared Storage
    • Linux Shared Storage + Replication

MySQL Cluster Consulting

Our MySQL Cluster experts will enable you to get the highest levels of scalability, availability, and performance from your MySQL Cluster installations.

Services includes:

  • Determining the most appropriate implementation, installation, and configuration of MySQL Cluster for your project and application
  • MySQL Cluster architecture and design
  • MySQL Cluster installation, configuration, and performance tuning
  • MySQL Cluster-specific data modelling and design
  • MySQL Cluster-specific routines and query optimization

MySQL Database Migration

Our Migration experts help you achieve the cost savings associated with replacing your commercial databases with MySQL or MariaDB

  • Migration analysis, cost evaluation and planning
  • Risk analysis and risk mitigation planning
  • Schema remodelling and migration
  • Data migration
  • Query analysis, migration and optimization
  • Analysis, migration, and optimization of stored routines and other database objects
  • Analysis and migration of client connectors